NEW! FREE 5 DAY MEAL PLAN! 11.2.2018

NEW MEAL PLAN 11-2.jpg

Here we go guys! A brand-new FREE 5 day meal plan! This is actually what I’ve been cooking up this week and they are ALL my recipes. A couple I’ve posted about but others I have recently thought-up and/or sounded really good to me. If you like them let me know so I can test them out, perfect them, and give them their very own post!

Most of these meals are quick and EASY to throw together. We just got done planning and celebrating my oldest son’s 4th birthday, getting ready for and celebrating Halloween, and celebrating lots of our friend’s birthdays as well so life has been a bit crazy. All good things, but chaotic for sure! So I really wanted to make sure that we were all eating good but that I could keep my sanity as well. Enter: Easy 30 minute meals with minimal ingredients and let’s throw in a crockpot meal too!

If you try this meal plan, or even just a couple of the recipes, I’d love to hear! Tag me on instagram, #plantbasedplanner @plantbasedplanner, so I can see your delicious creations! Click below for your meal plan!


Alix Yokabitus